Military Emergency Bridge

Military Emergency Bridge is mainly used for erecting an emergency bridge to get light tanks, artilleries, and other military vehicles across trenches, ditches within 20.5 m or other obstacles.
The bridge can also be used in plateau (with boost engine an
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Main Technical Data
Item Technical
Item Technical
Total weight of layer 21.8t Roadway width 3.20m
Outline dimensions, in transportation 10.96m×3.2m×3.64m Track girder width 1.16m
Height of midsection 0.7m
Design loading 2.81m Height of small rake end 0.28m
Tracked loading 22t Erection time 10min
Wheeled (load on axles) 1t Retrieval time 10min
Max. tracked loading, with caution 25t Max. longitudinal slope       ±10%
Weight of bridge span 6.5t Max. lateral slope ±5%
Bridge length 22.5m Max. twist, in erection 5%
Negotiating width (hard banks) 20.5m Allowed bank differences ±2.0m
Section length 7.5m Crewmen 3 men